Twelve Yards of Trading Cloth

V8 – regular voice partial + water

Other Drafts

V3 – regular voice + water
V4 – regular voice partially audible, plus other sounds
V5 – Whisper, partially audible in middle and at end, plus other sounds
V6 – Whisper, inaudible, plus other sounds
V7 – no voice, plus all the other sounds

Arrangement #2 – wooden dowels, fishing line, eye hooks

Arrangement #1 – wooden ladder, clay pipe piece, wooden handle

November 2023

“Twelve Yards of Trading Cloth”
35′ x 22″ | front & back monoprints, india ink, linen thread, linen tape


How do I move this book into space, so it’s something the viewer walks around and experiences all at once? I envision this work hanging or moving across a space, referencing fabric, water, a pathway.

A beginning, unsuccessful attempt to think about how the book can exist in space.
One idea is one or more standing sculptures, to hang the work over. This might have a large circular drum on the top (like a drum of a printing press), but also with a handle, something that feels industrial. And the stand made of wood or metal.

FRONT: 14 ghost monoprints with India Ink

BACK: Excerpts from the Backside of the accordion | 14 monoprints, linen tape

OTHER Works-In-Progress: ideas growing out of Cotton Hollow research

ERASURE – monoprints

ARCHIVE – How do I engage with the historical images? What about them am I drawn to? What do I do with them, if anything?

ARCHIVE/ARCHEOLOGY – How do I engage with the material of the place? How might I investigate it? Play with it?

Ongoing collections & arrangements of objects in the studio, from ongoing walks/investigations in Cotton Hollow. I’m thinking about the vibrancy of materials, about archaeology, about place-based history.
Historical records discussed a samp mortar made and used by the Nayaug, the indigenous that lived here before the settler colonists. The records said that it was on the north side of the tallest dam. I recently had luck finding it, after looking many times before. I haveen’t been able to get close to it yet. It’s in the exact spot of the dam and would have been covered by water from the da

Playing with Paper Circuits

October 2023 Update – WIP

Prototype for “Twelve Yards of Trading Cloth,” India Ink on monoprint, 150″ x 22″
22″ x 30″ India Ink on monoprint
22″ x 30″ India Ink on monoprint
22″ x 30″ India Ink on monoprint
22″ x 30″ India Ink on monoprint
25″ x 40″ India Ink on monoprint

6.5″ x 72″ India ink on monoprint, waxed thread

PROCESS – monoprints, research, drawings

Cotton Hollow drawings, all India Ink on acorn dyed watercolor paper, 6″ x 9″ each


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