Sensorial Mapping, 2022

“A sensorial, historical walk through Cotton Hollow”
Artist book with sensory engagement, edition of three, 9″ x 9″

Cotton Hollow is a nature preserve in South Glastonbury, CT. Before white settlers arrived it was the winter home of the Nayaug, a tribe of the Wangunk, part of the Algonquin federation. When colonists moved in, they harnessed—for 200 years—the power of the water in service of multiple industries, forever altering the landscape. This book presents illustrations, present day and past photographs, a historical timeline with facts researched at the local historical society, five scents representing each industry (a mix of homemade and essential oil fragrances), and one sparkler, an invitation to honor the story about a family who died in an explosion in 1777 while making gunpowder for the Revolutionary War. Exploring the preserve with new eyes, the book integrates personal, artistic, and historical perspectives on this well-loved locale.

“June, 2022”
Digital Drawing

Made with layers of visual artifacts collected and created at the garden—drawings, specimens, symbols, and more—these digital maps capture a moment in time, each documenting my experience and relationship to the garden. Each map focuses on different senses or insights—smell, sound, sight, feeling, ownership, heat, and more.
Detail, “June, 2022”
“August, 2022”
Detail, “August, 2022”

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